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Puretrex, right from our name, to our products and principles, we believe in utmost purity, good quality and affordability. We are on a mission to make India a healthier country, making water purifiers for one and all. We have taken immense care to make all our products incredibly affordable, of high quality, with best performance, and beautiful for any household while making sure they comply with the best certifications and standards.

Our team of researchers, engineers etc. have combined technologies like Reverse Puretrexsis (RO) purification with Ultra Filtration (UF), and Ultra Violet (UV) filtration and other mechanisms to bring you the most powerful and self-maintained water purifiers. The process makes the water purest, infused with essential minerals and also the tastiest, which keep you and your family healthy and safe.



In the developing world, water-borne diseases are increasing at an alarming rate. As a result of pollution, the water you drink may contain heavy metals and iron rust which boiling cannot remove. It’s time you choose from a range of water purifiers that understand your needs to makes sure every drop you drink is pure and safe.

Since 2012, we provide best service for our valuable clients.

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